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Viasat Exede brings high-speed internet to PLATTSBURGH, NY! And CLEAR SHOT SATELLITE LLC is here to bring it to you!


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Exede - High Speed Internet in PLATTSBURGH, NY

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Exede - High Speed Internet in PLATTSBURGH, NY


Exede from CLEAR SHOT SATELLITE LLC symbolizes the up and coming era of rural Internet services. Thanks to groundbreaking technology courtesy of ViaSat, the corporation who introduces WildBlue, Exede beats 'em all, easily surpassing all expectations you have of a satellite-based online supplier. Download more sizable photos, stream HD films, send e-mail messages more efficiently. This fantastic mix of optimized bandwidth and wireless technology has made it feasible for even those who live in remote rural regions to go online.

Satellite Internet Packages

The wise consumer can select from a variety of package options to suit both their needs and their personal budgets. Starting at just $49.99, you can enjoy a monthly bandwidth of 10GB, great for those who are new to connecting to the net. This is a great plan for those who plan on light internet usage: checking the news, emailing friends and family and research. To watch more movies, send larger pictures and enjoy a more immense internet experience, you can get the 15GB package for just $79.99. For those who spend a great deal more time on the computer, the 15GB plan is ideally suited; this is the plan that will facilitate the use of graphics heavy sites like YouTube and Facebook. For $129.99 per month, you get the 25GB package that offers the best of the best in our satellite internet service. It is most commonly preferred by families whose members access the net throughout the day from multiple computers, or for those who manage large files and online streaming. With all of our plans, you receive the same excellence in support that ViaSat has given to all of its customers for years.

HughesNet Satellite Internet

HughesNet, another satellite broadband service provided through Dish Network, supplies similar plans but with added rules and restrictions. Their cap is at 250MB per day so customers are not allowed the full advantages that Exede clients are when browsing the net. While it is catching up to Exede, HughesNet still has a ways to go before it becomes a competitive force.

Comcast Cable Internet, Time Warner Cable Internet, Cox Cable Internet

Time Warner, Cox, Comcast and other cable companies offer online services that restrict patrons to a single provider as well as certain geographic areas in which their Internet cables run. Why should anyone have to change locations, rooms or give up a comfy seat just for the sake of having a smooth connection? Companies such as Time Warner, Cox and Comcast still offer a decent quality cable network.

FiOS and Fiber. Verizon and Google.

Google Fiber and Verizon FiOS have begun to employ new technology to provide its users a quick and efficient internet package. FiOS and Fiber both use fiber optic cable which is a format of cable that uses light to transfer information and not electricity, which is susceptible to resistance. These companies are pushing the boundaries of landline internet but they use fairly new technology that isn't available everywhere unlike Exede, which is available anywhere in the United States.


Debuting in 2012, this new type of satellite was culled from the most innovative technology available in the modern world--and now you too can use it. Exede provides the best of all possible worlds, offering a solid internet connection with sturdy satellites in country areas otherwise limited to the application of dial up and DSL connections. HughesNet, on the other hand, uses Ku band satellite bandwidths that receive "rain fade" during bad weather and their customers are left without internet for the day.

This winning mix of advanced Internet technology has been combined and optimized to deliver an incredible Internet experience. Everything you wanted to do but couldn't because of slow internet or constant interruptions can now be done with ViaSat's Exede PLATTSBURGH, NY from CLEAR SHOT SATELLITE LLC.